Inflating tires with nitrogen - lowers cost, reduces corrosion of the rim and the tire and improves the handling of the vehicle and several such nappravo "Magic advantages some" prominent marketers from gumadzhiyskite business environments. "Do you really inflating tires with nitrogen gives some additional qualities the tire or another trick to easily make money?

The main physico-chemical properties of nitrogen that give new tire "qualities" are the following (according to sellers of nitrogen):

Nitrogen has a larger molecule by oxygen - it does not give the nitrogen to infiltrate through the valve and tire, respectively, the pressure does not fall over a long period of time;
Nitrogen is lighter than oxygen - and inflated with nitrogen tire is lighter than inflated with oxygen and it gives fuel economy and lower noise levels;
Nitrogen is almost zero thermal expansion compared with oxygen - respectively in the summer there is no risk of punctures because of the high temperatures of the pavement and the tire itself;
  *  N
itrogen is not aggressive towards metal and rubber - respectively as erosion of the metal parts and the tire itself is almost 0 in the use of nitrogen.

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